Sunday, February 5, 2012

About the Superbowl halftime show.....

Me: "Oh look, they're only showing clips from before [Madonna] sucked."
Ria: "Yeah, before she started collecting kids like a Pokemon master."
Phil: "Yeah, I'd like to see her and Angelina Jolie battle it out.  'Damnit, you've got an Asian!  That's my weakness, I can't do math!'"



  1. I think your husband might be related to my wife! She says crazy stuff exactly like this all the time. And you're a costumer, and I wish I was. Do let's be friends! haha

  2. Oh let's! I think I need to become obsessed with your blog now and spend all my free time this week reading back as far as I can :) (Besides, many of the coolest people I know are from Columbus.) Seems like you already do massively cool things!